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Wednesday February 13, 2013, 12:00pm Eastern Time

Learn how to implement and optimize call monitoring in your dealership.

Attendees will learn the importance of having a call monitoring solution in the dealership that will help improve the way incoming phone calls are being handled. This session will focus on the following: 

  • How many calls to listen to per day
  • What to look for in the calls
  • Create weekly team training sessions reviewing calls
  • Learn to improve phone processes based on monitoring results
  • Create a positive team environment using these practices while building a stronger team

Presented by:

  • Stan SherStan SherPresident ,Dealer eTrainingAs one of the top experts in automotive internet sales and business development today, Stan Sher has been training dealers best practices with regards to internet lead management, sales process, and business development process. He currently writes for numerous automotive dealer publications including where he serves as the editor. In addition, Stan is a frequent speaker for the Greater New York Automotive Dealers Association as well as numerous industry conferences.

Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining to Speak at Internet Battle Plan 12 along with some of top automotive industry experts in Atlanta GA.



Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining Talks About Reason of the Auto Response at GNYADA



Stan Sher Improving Dealership Internet Sales Culture at GNYADA


DMSC Workshop Title and Description
“The Evolution of the BDC: Has Your Dealership Evolved?”

This workshop will focus on understanding the value of having a BDC in place at dealerships as well as the various types of processes that need to be installed.  Once installed, these processes need to be managed appropriately and kept up to date.  We will review guidelines and operating procedures that a BDC needs to establish in order to measure results.  Lastly, attendees will gain a broad view of how to setup a proper action plan to bring back to their dealerships.
About Stan

Stan Sher is the president and founder of Dealer eTraining, a full service automotive internet sales, business development training and digital marketing company. Stan is an up-and-coming internet professional with strong working relationships with the best in automotive e-commerce consulting in the industry. Prior to starting Dealer eTraining, Stan has been in the automotive business for over eight years where he has been successful in automotive sales, management, digital marketing, internet sales and business development center direction.

Over the years, Stan Sher has become a proven internet sales manager adept at developing a positive brand image for a dealership or product and increasing internet sales volume. A true internet professional, he has increased sales, improvedprocesses, presence, and results to generate more profit.

As a writer and contributor to the automotive dealer community, Stan has a continual blogging presence within and has been published in some of the most respected automotive industry websites and magazines such as:

  • Digital Dealer Magazine
  • Dealer Marketing Magazine
  • Automotive Digital Marketing
  • DrivingSales
  • Auto Dealers Network

Produced by First Class Educators
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 Dealers who are looking to measure the ROI of their digital marketing investments need to master the basics of Google Analytics.  Dealers need to know how to customize reports that will give them ACTIONABLE data to increase the profits at the dealership.  Since a dealership website is the new “storefront”, does it make sense to ignore the rich insights and reports that Google offers car dealers for free?  Absolutely not!

Brian Pasch will lead dealers through three workshops on Google Analytics. Check out thefull listing of workshops at DMSC this year.   Each Google Analytics session will also feature a leading industry expert showing attendees how to practically apply Google Analytics for car dealership management.  Taking a general Google Analytics workshop will not give the same impact of a customize series of classes designed for car dealership websites.

Three Part Workshop Series

The three workshops that will be lead by Brian Pasch on February 6th are:

  1. “Part I – Segmenting Your Data For Better Marketing Analysis”  9:00 am
  2. “Part II – How To Attribute Influence To Website Traffic Using Napkin Math”  1:30 pm
  3. “Part III – Creating Custom Reports To Guide Your Business” 4:00 pm

Brian Pasch will introduce the power of measuring “In Market Shopper Activity” (IMSA), a concept first defined by Thomas Gage of Autotrader. Attending these workshops will allow you to measure the In Market Shopper Activity on your website.

Attendees will learn which advertising sources and strategies are INCREASING In Market Shopper Activity.  As a special bonus, Thomas Gage will join Brian Pasch in Part II of the series to share his work with dealers and Google Analytics.

Learn how to diagnose your website for problems as well as comparing the impact of new advertising investments, merchandising choices, and website design changes.  This is a must attend set of workshops for dealership staff responsible for website conversion, marketing budgets, and car sales.

Special Bonus

Dealers that attend all three Google Analytics workshops will receive $1,000 in merchandise credits from PCG Consulting that will automate Google Analytics reporting as well as reporting on all their marketing investments.

That’s right,  attendees can gain access to  a customized marketing dashboard to view the most critical elements of their website data for six months, free.  The dashboard has dozens of widgets to show you things about your marketing strategy and website that you never knew!

This software bonus covers the cost of attending DMSC and will help dealers master their marketing budgets and website traffic in 2013.

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Automotive Industry legend, Jim Ziegler returns with his highly successful Internet Battle Plan XII to the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta on January 16th-17th, 2013 with a powerful line up of automotive industry experts.


PRLog (Press Release)Dec. 31, 2012Jim Ziegler also known as the “Alpha Dawg” will be bringing back his highly successful Internet Battle Plan XII ( to the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta on January 16th-17th, 2013.  A Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association and a recognized automotive industry leader, Ziegler has over 35 years experience and has continuously helped automotive dealerships move the needle.  He has assembled a lineup of fourteen leading automotive executives that will be discussing strategies involving sales, digital marketing, and technology for attendees to bring back to their dealerships and implement right away.  The all star line up of presenters includes experts that will break down step by step what the dealers need to be doing in order to continue growing in their digital sales and marketing success.
Jim Ziegler  has selected this panel because of the recent success that these experts have been providing to automotive dealerships around the nation.  The panel of experts are automotive industry leaders in their fields and will teach strategies that take dealerships to the next level. Ziegler says, “This event promises to deliver high quality information by some of the most respected automotive industry executives that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

This Internet Battle Plan will be sponsored by DealerTrack, Car Woo!, Contact At Once!, Dealer e-Process, Mouthful Social Media, POTRATZ, and Stream Companies, This will be Ziegler’s twelfth Internet Battle Plan seminar where he continues to  bring together quality information from some of the most successful professionals in the automotive industry:

One of the presenters at Internet Battle Plan XII is Stan Sher, Internet Sales and Marketing expert, BDC expert, President of Dealer eTraining, a straight forward real deal automobile dealership consulting and training firm located in Voorhees, New Jersey.  He is also the original Co-Creator and former editor of Sher is a regular speaker and trainer for the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association and NJCar.  Most recently, he helped Co-found the Internet Sales 20 Group where he was a subject matter expert on dealership Call Monitoring solutions.  Stan Sher will be presenting a highly engaging session on BDC Management Strategies in order to evolve the dealership.

Additional Automotive Industry leading experts that will be speaking at Internet Battle Plan XII January 16th & 17th will include:

Rachel Haro , Partner & Social Media Strategist at Mouthful Social Media
Amit Maheshwari is Vice President and General Manager of Digital Retailing Solutions for Dealertrack Technologies
Cory Mosley , Founder and Principal of Mosley Automotive Training
Ryan Lucia is the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Contact At Once.
Paul Potratz is an authority on Automotive Internet Advertising, sales and internet marketing, and he is COO of Potratz Advertising
Myril Shaw , COO of CarWoo!
Matt Redden VP of Sales and Marketing for DealerSocket
Jerry Thibeau is President of the Phone Ninjas
Andrew Myers of What’s Next Media
Dave Page, Owner of Dealer e-Process
Bill Parlaman,
Digital Marketing Director for Stream Companies

About Us:

Ziegler SuperSystems is an automotive training and consulting organization based in the Atlanta, GA area. President Jim Ziegler , CSP is an industry celebrity speaker, trainer and published author. He has been a keynote speaker at National and State Dealer conventions, and has trained over 100,000 Dealers, Managers, and Industry Manufacturer Executives. Besides producing this event, Jim will be presenting ‘Guerilla marketing Strategies using Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

For more information about Jim Ziegler ‘s Internet Battle Plan, Speakers, Sponsors, Ziegler SuperSystems, or to request information on discounted group rates, please call Jim Ziegler at 1-800-726-0510 or visit

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Stan Sher Reviews Dealer eTraining Auto Response Email at GNYADA (Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association).



Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining talks about Lon Safko from AutoCon 2012